13 April 2012

Busy Busy Busy...

With Mark leaving for Belgium in just eight days I've been working on projects and things to do while he is gone.  The usual things are there - paint the guest room, shampoo some carpets, catch up on my reading.  But some things are just off the charts as far as research goes - like two trips to Ft Wayne to research, both trips for three whole days. 

So basically I've been working on my to do lists for those two trips.  I've got an old to do list that I had printed off and bound.  I've been working on it for several trips now.  So I'm going thru it line by line and updating my notes, adding more things, taking things off, tweaking what it is I am searching for. 

I've also moved all my scanned images that I've been doing to one flash/thumb drive and I've been working on cropping, naming and getting them ready to add to the main photo file.  With them all on that one drive I can literally work on them anywhere.  Works for me! 

Toss in a bit of gardening, sewing and spring cleaning and you have the makings of one busy week! 

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