26 April 2012

Tricks & Tips Thursday - Who Said Everything Costs Money?

Usually when I hear people rattle off how ALL genealogy should be free I get a bit scruffy and irate.  After all records do need temp controls and such to stay viable.  Today, another view point for my Tricks & Tips blog...

There is alot of free records available, and not all of them are on free sites.  By using your search engine (google, yahoo or Mocavo) alot of times you'll find things that maybe aren't on free sites.  Many states are putting up their own records on library & state archive sites that maybe you should search out and make use of.

A couple of good examples of what I am talking about would be the Georgia Virtual Vault and the Missouri Archives Vital Records .  The Missouri link has an additional link on that site that leads to death certificates thru the late 1950's.   All for free.  Vital records, military records and more, all free simply by using your brain and your search engine.

Remember the old ad for the telephone books that used to mention something about letting your fingers do the walking?  Well instead of walking thru the phone book maybe its time you let your fingers take a stroll across your keyboard and see just how much free stuff for genealogy is really available out there...

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