04 May 2012

Life & Times of Christian Beery

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**It would be difficult to find a finer country estate in the whole of Adams county than that owned by Christ Beery in Washington township. This farm is one that is pointed out as among the model estates of the township and reflects much credit on its owner. He was born in Washington township, of Adams county, November 8, 1850. He is a son of Eli and Hester (Biosser) Beery. His father and mother had a family of fourteen children, of whom the following survive: Melinda, Martin, Reuben, Christ, John and Daniel W. Eli Beery was born in Pennsylvania and came to Ohio and thence to Indiana. His wife was born in Ohio and after their marriage they settled in Washington township in 1849. At the time the elder Beery and his wife reached northeastern Indiana much of the township was wild land. They were compelled to clear the tract they settled on before it could be made productive. The woods abounded in many kinds of wild game and Eli Beery shot deer, turkeys and other game on the site of the pleasant acres of today. He erected a log cabin and this was the family home for some years. Later he erected a frame dwelling along more modern lines and still later this dwelling gave way to a substantial brick house that is still standing.

The youth and young manhood of Christ Beery was spent on his father's farm. He was educated in the rude schools of his boyhood day and secured as complete a common school education as was possible under the circumstances. When he became old enough he assisted in the work of cultivating the home farm and in time became a proficient tiller of the soil.

In 1886 he was married to Miss Martha Burkhead, a daughter of John and Ann Burkhead, who were among the first settlers in Washington township. The father of Mrs. Beery is dead, but her mother is still living in Washington township. The father of Mr. Beery died in 1879 and his mother in 1901. Mr. and Mrs. Beery have become the parents of two children: Frederick D. and Georgia Irene, both of whom are living with their parents on the home farm. Although farming has been the principal occupation of Mr. Beery, he lived for a time in Decatur. However, the liking for a farm life became too strong to be denied and he returned to his present place in 1903. His farm is a fine one of one hundred acres, eighty of which are under cultivation. It is one of the most valuable in the neighborhood and easily worth one hundred and ten dollars an acre. It is all improved. The ditches are well placed and the fencing and buildings are substantial and modern. The farm crops are rotated with excellent judgment and are profitable. In addition to a general farming business Mr. Beery carries on stock raising. He deals largely in stock for the market and with his brother has bought and sold horses all over the country. As the recent panic that affected the horse market Mr. Beery, and his brother lost upwards of thirty-two thousand dollars. Mr. Beery is in every sense a successful man. He is a successful farmer and stock dealer. He is well respected in the community where he resides.

Estate of Christian Beery
Name in Record  /  Reason for Being in Record  /  Date of Record

Christian Beery Of Mercer County, Ohio; Made his last will & testament June 9, 1857

G. W. Randabaugh / Witness to Christian Beery's will

Henry L. Johnson / Witness of Chritian Beery's will

Christian Beery Late of Mercer County, OH; Last will & testament was produced in court Feb. 18, 1858

George M. Raudabaugh / Witness to Christian Beery making last will & testament

Henry L. Johnson / Witness to Christian Beery making last will & testament

Elizabeth Beery Executrix of Christian Beery's will

Elizabeth Beery Accepted provisions of will in lieu of dower

Daniel Booker / Son in law of Christian Beery;

Unnamed Daughter /  Wife of Daniel Booker

Benjamin Beery Son; should execute will if wife Elizabeth declines or cannot

Joseph L. Beery Son; should execute will if wife Elizabeth declines or cannot

Francis Fickle Grandchild of Christian Beery; Dau of Mary (Beery) Bright, deceased

Christian B. Bright / Grandchild of Christian Beery; Son of Mary (Beery) Bright, deceased

Mahala Bright / Grandchild of Christian Beery; Dau of Mary (Beery) Bright, deceased

Mary Bright / Daughter of Christian Beery, now deceased

G. W. Randabaugh Oath of witnessing last will of Christian Beery Feb. 18, 1858

Henry L. Johnson Oath of witnessing last will of Christian Beery

Wm. L. Blocher Probate Judge of Mercer County, Ohio

Wm. L. Blocher Oath of true last will & testament of Christian Beery Feb. 20, 1858


**Snow's History of Adams County, Indiana, John Fletcher Snow, F. Bowen, Indianapolis, IN, 1907,
p. 406 (image 831).

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