01 June 2012

Chancery Estate Suit - Ligon vs Ligon (1830)

**From the Richmond, Virginia, Enquirer, April 16, 1830 -

In Chancery: In Amelia County, January Court 1830: Ann K. Ligon, widow of Joseph Ligon, Dec., and William Ligon & Benjamin Ligon, children of said Joseph Ligon, Dec., against John C. Jackson in right of his wife, Susan, formerly Ligon, Anderson Jennings, in right of his wife, Nancy, formerly Nancy Ligon, Miranda Ligon, infant daughter of Reuben Ligon, Dec'd. by Gabriel Jones her guardian ad ______, and Alexander B. Walthall, administrator of Joseph Ligon, Dec'd.

The defendants, Anderson Jennings and Nancy his wife, and Miranda Ligon, not having entered thier apearance, and not given secutiry to the Act of Assembly and the Rules of this court; and it appearing to the Court that they are not inhabitants of the Commonwealth -- it is ordered, that they do appear here on the fourth Thursday in April next, and answer the complainants bill; and that a copy of this order be forewith inserted in some newspaper published in the city of Richmond for two months successively, and another copy posted on the front doors of this courthouse of this county on two successive court days.
Joseph Ligon, son of William Ligon & Ann Webber Ligon, died i n 1829 in Amelia County, Virginia.  He & his wife, Ann Nancy Keturah Ligon were the parents of 6 children, Nancy, Susan, Benjamin, William, Joseph and Peter. 

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