21 June 2012

Will of George Ligon (1872)

 Knowing that all men must die, I do this day, being of sound mind and good health will and bequeath after my death all my property and effects of every consideration to my beloved wife Catherine Ligon.  To be from the moment of my death in her possession and at her disposal forever.  And in order that it shall be out of the power of any person or persons whatever to heir any of my property in case I shall die and Catharine should not have had a child or children, I do most emphatically declare that is is my most honest desire and last will that she is to have all my property and effects whether she has an heir or not, and in order to show to the world my cause for making my will this way, I will give some of the principle reasons, first I promised her before I married her that would do every in my power tomake her happy during her life, secondly owing to her youth and beauty I consider my honor morally bound to do so.  Third it will prevent the slaves from being seperated, fourthly what I am worth would do my relations but little good because there are so many of them and it would help wife very much, fifthly it would enable her to live free from want and free from all obligations to her friends to take care of her, it will prevent her marrying a man mainly to be taken care off and lastly I will as I do because I do because I love her better than all the world and its contents togehter, and more than all it is the of a gentleman after he has enjoyed her company and affections that he would not strip her of any comfort or any valuable consideration because he has to die and leave her.  In order that none may doubt the sincereity of this will I call on the Lord to witness the reality of my heart and men to witness my hand and will, therefore I do now sign my name in the legible manner to be.                                              /s/  George Ligon **Will of George Wallace Ligon, Yesterdays Tuckaways, Vol.XIII, Issue 2, Pg. 13 (1980) The will of George Wallage Ligon was written, I believe early in the marriage, although his death didn't occur until 16 DEC 1872 in Hopkins County, Kentucky. George had married Catherine Davis on 15 APR 1847, when she was only 16 years old. She being born in 1831, he in 1813. They were the parents of 9 children, of which 7 lived to maturity. They were my husband Mark's great great grandparents.

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