29 June 2012

Words of Memory - Elmira Kesler Boomershine (1936)

The "Words of Memory" on both Elmira and her husband William Boomershine were sent to me many years ago when I first began my genealogy & Boomershine research. Sadly I have no rememberance of that kind person that shared these with me so I can only hope that they read this and know how thankful I am that they took the time to share. The date on the papers is 10 NOV 1936, which would be the day that Elmira was laid to rest.   THE NEW JERSEY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH       Carlisle, Ohio   Guy Cheek, Minister  WORDS OF MEMORY   Amidst the trying years of the great American Civil War when many a home was saddened by the loss of loved ones, there was a real joy brought to the home of Levi Anderson and Hannah Angeline Kesler of Gettysburg, Indiana because of the birth of a Baby girl whom they christened Almira Melzina.  While yet in her babyhood the family moved to West Manchester, Ohio where Almira grew through the experiences of childhood and young womanhood, sharing the love and care of her parents with two brothers and three sisters.   Among the acquaintances of her young maidenhood there came one young man who drew her friendship and love, more than any other.  As time sped swiftly on these two friends became lovers and on September 5th 1889, they became life companions.  On that happy day sister Almira became the bride of William Boomershine.   For more than forty two years they met the joys and sorrows of wedded life.  Eight times during these forty two years their home was made to rejoice over a new born babe.  One by one these girls and boys came and each received equal love and carae through the years of their childhood and youth until they went out to build homes of their own. First came Flora, then Perry and Bert; later arrived Hannah, Orpha and Harry; then Hazel and lastly Lewis who shared the home with father and mother till they finished the journey of life.   Nearly eighteen years ago father and mother Boomershine with the children who were still in the old home moved from near Farmersville, Ohio to the Anderson farm in Warren County near Carlisle, Ohio.  Here they laboured together until the death angel came nearly five years ago and took father Boomershine into the Eternal Realm.  It was on the 9th of January 1932 when he finished his earthly course.   Mother Boomershine, after dwelling for a short time in Germantown, Ohio with daughter Hazel, came back to the old homestead where Lewis and his companion have been dwelling during their wedded life.   Mother Boomershine seemed to enjoy her usual health and was active in the affairs of her home when suddenly their came knocking at the door of heart the angel of death.  In the midst of the shades of night of November 7th 1936 she answered the final call to meet her creator face to face.   Both father and mother Boomershine lived to see their children in their wedded life and rejoiced with them in the coming of children to their hearts and homes.   As mother takes her journey to that realm of her eternal abode she leaves her eight children, twenty grandchildren, and nine great grand children; besides her two brothers, Edwin and John Kessler and sister Jennie Miller of Eldorado, Ohio and her two sisters Stella Kessler and Lillie McGriff of Eaton, Ohio.  Also her many acquaintances will miss her presence among them.   As we must now bid mother the last farewell we shall cherish her memory, remember the sacrificial service of her life among us and always think of her as the poet expressed his thoughts of Mother:                         MOTHER   Dear mother, you have suffered   To bring us into life,  Through years of toil you've labored    In a world of pain and strife.  You have shared our joys and sorrows     As upon life's way we trod,  Now your tasks of earth are ended    And you've gone to meet your God.  We shall miss you in the morning,   We shall miss you all the day,  But we promise to be faithful    As we journey life's highway. 

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