30 July 2012

Military Monday - Netherlands American Cemetery & Memorial

One of the highlights of our recent trip to Belgium was a side trip to the Netherlands American Cemetery & Memorial. The beauty and serenity of this memorial to our fallen troops of WWII was totally overwhelming. Walking into the "plaza" at the beginning of the cemetery just totally blows you away. The detail displays of the military movement is interesting, especially if you are into the details behind the war. The two walls that run about a city block down each side of the plaza are beyond words. Those two walls contain the names of our soldiers whose remains have never been found. Never returned home to those families & loved ones waiting at home. Just the size of those two walls brought me to tears. There is some construction which you can see in the photo of the reflecting pool. Beyond that is where those who paid the ultimate sacrifice lay. The photo's will say the rest. There were many visitors there, many of them were brought to tears, as was I. The photo's will speak for themselves.


Peter said...

For those who consider visiting this Cemetery & Memorial, it is located in the village of Margraten near Maastricht. It is also very close to the borders with Belgium and Germany.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. I did not know about the memorial.