23 August 2012

It's All Because of A Four Year Old

Been a very busy week here at the Krugman compound.  With our daughter & her family living with us, including the youngest grandson "J" who is 4, it keeps things busy for sure!

In between all the gramma, can we....?  Gramma will you.....? and Gramma, can I...?  I've been trying to stay busy in cleaning off my desk.  Most of the time I'm a very goal driven, organized person who pretty much is self motivated to accomplish the tasks on my mental to do lists.  But with the cutest ever four year old hanging out at your elbow - well, lets just say sometimes its easy to get distracted.

I'm not going to complain because once they close this house deal and they move I won't be seeing as much of those twinkling brown eyes or that big smile.  So I'll just deal with those little breaks and be thankful he's here to share them with me.  After all,  the papers can wait,  he's just growing up wayyyyyyy to fast!

Next week he'll be on vacation up at the Lake with his parents & grandparents (dads side) - so it will be strangely quiet here.  I'm sure I'll find something to fill my time....   Maybe then I'll finish clearing my desk....

Happy Researching!

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Mrs. Mac said...

Enjoy the moment! The fingerprints on the windows and the little foot patters across the floor. The grands grow up quicker than their parents did is seems.