02 August 2012

Our Family Tree - Are We Related?

Someone suggested that I should blog about the trees that make up our family genealogy. I do post alot of general genealogy information with documentation but no real specifics on the actual lines I am currently working on. So today I'm providing you with a brief summary of the four lines that make the up the family trees of Mr. Brown Eyes & myself. Feel free to leave a comment if you see anything connections or if you have any questions.

Karen's Lines -

Ansley - this line goes back thu William Ansley in Georgia, my great grandfather to William Ansley in New Jersey ca 1700. This line includes surnames such as Waddell, Presley (yes, Elvis is related!), Morris, Stanford, Rooks, Johnson, Powell, Strickland and Bush (don't know about any links to George W.). Jimmy Carter is an Ansley descendant and is a second cousin.

Nix - starts with grandmother Annie Elizabeth Nix and runs back to a John Nix b.ca1769. Names included on this line include Naylor, Sellars, Hester, Clay, Grady, Griffin, Boyette, Regan (don't know about any ties to Ronnie!), Thomas, Ward, Bell, Yarborough, Cannon, Langston, Hart, Gross, Gad and Wilson. This line is in Georgia in the early 1800's coming out of Virginia and the Carolina's.

Phillips - Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio with a direct line straight back to James Phillips of Rockingham & Augusta Counties in Virginia. The surnames associated with this line include: Early, Gebhart (double connection back to same ancestor!), Alford, Melling, Gregory, Hess, Bloss, Byerly, McCune (know the least about this one!), Tanreuther, Montabaugh, Brosius.

Kreitzer - Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio area ties back to the line coming into Pennsylvania on the Charming Nancy in 1732. Names included in this line are Apple, Peterman, Hegle, Boomershine, Eppert, Kesler (Preble County, Ohio), Gates (more Preble County, Ohio), Gebhart (remember I said double line above?), Bolender, Cook, Evert, Garrett, Ott, Fowler and Swartzel.

Mark's lines -

Krugman - Back to Mathias Krugman in Germany in the mid 1700's. Names include Dute, Heidenrich, Muller, Hilt, Kritzler, Bunkelman, Engel, Shurltze (Germany), Stark (Germany)and Spalinger (Germany). The Krugman's came into NY Harbor on Halloween day 1872. The Dute family arrived in New York harbor on board the Brig Bremen Packet in 1834. They moved to Lorain County, Ohio and pretty much remain there today. The economist Paul Krugman, although he shares the name is off a line that although it bears the same name is not from the same area and is not related.

Reusch - surnames include Bart, Schade, Appla, Keller, Schoefer, Weiss (Germany), Spalinger (Germany). THe Reusch line settled in Medina County, Ohio and those related to this line seem to have pretty much stayed in Medina and Cuyahoga Counties of Ohio.

Ligon - line came into Virginia very early from England where the family castle still stands and is occupied (last I heard) by members of the Ligon family. Surnames associated with the line include: Eudaley, Davis, Winstead, Webber, Metcalf, Baldwin, Tolbert, Jones, Batte, Brazelton, Cox, Brown, Bullock, Tapp, Fore, Hutcheson and Lunsford. This line came from very early Virginia into Kentucky in the early 1800's. They were in Hopkins and surrounding counties.

Shanklin - names on this branch include: Ralston, Clark, Shepherd, Morris, Northington, Hurst, Mahaffey, Tillman, Griffin, Jamieson, Hopson, Johnson, Northington, Pinner, Acree, McNew, Crawford, Edgar, Jarretts, Mathews, Stepp, Griffey, Rutherford, McClanahan, Coffey, Archer, Breckenridge.

There you have it. I probably missed a few here and there, if so sooner or later if you are related, you'll figure it out. My switching my blog over to posting original documentation has led to some very awesome contacts on several lines. I hope that by posting this and continuing to post the documentation from my files that maybe more doors will open more dialogue!

Are we related? I'd love to hear from you!

Happy Researching!

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