26 September 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Well Sort of....

Threat of Suicide Causes Wife's Return
Divorce Suit Dismissed after Husband Struggles with Deputy for Rifle
The divorce suit of Mrs. Anna Cook against Luke Cook was dismissed in the Superior Court on notice of the plantiff, after a tragic scene had been enacted at the home of the Cooks Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. Cook returned to her home to obtain some of her belongings, with Deputy Sheriff Capp, who was forced to struggle with Cook for the possession of a rifle with which he declared he would kill himself if she did not return to him.
Deputy Capp was successful in his attempt to foil the suicide, and Cook preceeded to beg his wife to return.  She went away with Capp, but promised to consider his proposal.  The dismissal was the result of a reconsideration of the divorce proceedings.
Source: Journal-Gazette, (Ft Wayne, IN), 01 JUN 1921, Pg. 11
[Courtesy of co-contributor Jim Cox]

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