01 October 2012

Military Monday - Authority Issues?

 16 FEB 1863 -   "...must ascertain by what authority Col. Hurst is  ........ and why he is thus destroying property."

16 APR 1863  - ".. for the purpose of destroying property has ordered the furniture removed from some of the houses and threatens to burn them."  "..I don't know by what authority he destroys the property."

After his military service he was appointed to the position of Judge - and even there his behavior continued to cause outrage.

   From The Daily Memphis Avalanche, 5 APR 1867, pg. 2 --

  The radical convention of McNairy County have recommended that miserable pretender Fielding Hurst for Congress in this district.  The resolution says, "that, as the emphatic choice for Congressional honors, we earnestly recommend the name of our galiant, patriotic and tried fellow citizen, the Hon. Fielding Hurst, and do hereby instruct our delegates to do all in their power to secure his nomination."

   Memphis Daily Appeal, 20 Jan 1870 --

     Hurst, Judge Fielding, has been appointed U.S. Revenue Collector of Middle Tennessee, and he is being sued by Dr. Wood of Hrdeman County, whom he forced to pay $1000 to prevent the burning of his house. (Memphis Daily Appeal - 18 Jan 1870).  In the winter of 1863, Hurst and his 7th Tennessee came to Bolivar and demanded of Dr. George Wood $1600 in gold or they would burn the housses of George Wood, Robert H. Wood, J.H. Billis, R.P. Neely and J.J. Neely. Hurst pocketed the money.

Fielding Hurst who was born in Shenandoah County, Virginia in 1810 and died in McNairy County, Tennessee 03 APR 1882, was one of the most hated men in Tennessee during the Civil war.  His reputation for his brutal attacks and his ruthless destruction of property made him much feared.  On 04 MAR 1830 he was married to Milocky Huddleston (1809-1892), daughter of John Huddleston (1780-1833) and Rachel McBee (1786-1862).

Fielding was the son of Elijah Hurst (1785-1850) and his wife, Margaret Breeding. 

 For more information on Fielding Hurst, see Sons of Confederate Veterans Magazine, March-April 1902, Pg. 20, HURST!  by W. Clay Crook.

I have much information on the HURST family and would be happy to share with anyone willing to do same.  Contact me for more information.


Kevin McCann said...

I've done quite a bit of research on Fielding Hurst and the Sixth Tennessee Cavalry and have written a book called "Hurst's Wurst." I would love to exchange emails on his genealogy. Thank you!

Kevin McCann said...

I've done quite a bit of research on Fielding Hurst and the Sixth Tennessee Cavalry and have written a book about them entitled "Hurst's Wurst." I would be interested in corresponding with you. Thank you!