01 November 2012

One Year Already?

A year ago today I started keeping a research journal.  Keep in mind that keeping any sort of journal or log is a challenge for me.  Its just not something that I've been good at doing.

I know some people who can journal for years and think nothing of it.  I've expressed interest in keeping a journal in the past but always stopped after a few days.  I just didn't ever make a real effort to keep it up.

So when I decided to try and keep a research journal I had no idea how it would go.  I didn't know I'd be out of the country (I took it with me!), I did miss a day here and there, but to my surprise not as many as I thought.  So through travel, sickness, craziness and more I kept it up.

Some days there are just a few things written here and there, other days the little daily blocks were crammed full.  There are happy faces with goals met, dates scratched in margins for material sent for and rec'd, frown faces for things sent for that came back empty handed.  Also have lots of notes about little research trips, notes about the parking, the fees, the things I searched.  

So today I've started another research journal.  Most people start them Jan 01...  I decided its just too crazy around that time of year.  So I started mine 11/01 and I have time to get into it before the holidays really kick in.  I'm so glad I started to use a research journal.  Its nice to be able to look back over the past year - I can see where I've been and where I want to go for the upcoming year! 

Research journals - a very good thing (at least for me).  Sorry images are at home today and I'm writing this while I volunteer at a location where my files are not accessible.  You can request images by emailing me or leaving a comment with contact information. 

Happy Researching!

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Michelle Goodrum said...

What an interesting idea. It sounds last "formal" than a research log. And maybe less intimidating.