09 November 2012

Someday I'll Catch Up... I Hope

It seems the more I try to focus on getting caught up the more behind I get.  Am I the only one who feels that way?

I do wonder why I blog when some weeks (like this one) with grandsons here, meetings here for Mr. Brown Eyes and his committee's, mom arrives tomorrow, daughters birthday etc... where do I fit in my blogging & genealogy? 

Its not been a productive week genealogy wise here, but today I'm hoping to get some genealogy done.  On the other front, I did get some Christmas sewing done so I guess all is not lost.

Today I'm going to work some more on getting some more marriage dates located.  Wish me luck!


TennLady said...

What is being caught up? The more I enter in the database, the more I find!

Karen Krugman said...

Yeah I know.... I started today out working on the marriages I am missing and ended up researching my Gable line. Tons of new stuff to enter, census etc... I can relate! You just seem so much more organized...