17 May 2013

Foo Foo Friday...

[use your imagination here - tried to load a photo of flower garden but blogger wouldn't load.]

I've come to the conclusion that switching software (never mind operating systems) is not for the faint at heart.  Just working my way thru the sources and fixing the way they are presented is enough to drive a body insane.

Can someone tell me why all these software writers can't get on the same page with the sourcing and data entry stuff?  I get the competition thingy - wouldn't want to make it easy on the other guy let alone the software user.

With the wonderful temps outside I must admit blogging hasn't been of utmost importance this week - I've been out in my flower gardens, planting & weeding.  When the weather is this comfy and its not raining, not lots of bugs etc out yet, its the perfect time for planting and being in the gardens.

I've got lots of research trips on tap for the summer, so while I'm working in my new software (Reunion) I'm also cleaning up and reviewing my to do lists for all the different repositories I plan to visit.

I'm ready for summer - beautiful flowers in the garden, research road trips and evenings sitting on the patio with a tall glass of ice tea just enjoying life.  How about you?

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