10 January 2014

Survivor - Immigrant Style

It's warm & comfy here in my home.  The lights are on,  I have power so my computer, dishwasher, stove, washer & dryer are all working.  Mr Brown Eyes got in our warm car and drove to work, the roads while not the best due to a recent snow storm and severe wind chill temps, were still passable and he arrived safely.

So what you ask?

Its quite simple actually.  When you deal with the severe weather conditions that nature hands us do you ever stop and wonder how your ancestors managed?   Granted my ancestors were not here in Michigan, so maybe not the amount of snow we got here recently.  But they were in SW Ohio & Pennsylvania, and they do get their share of cold & snow.

I hear people complaining about the cold, the snow and on and on.  REALLY?  Think about your ancestors, how many of them had what you have?  I think compared to what our ancestors faced we have it made.  I think the words "easy street" comes to mind.  I seriously doubt that most of us could handle the hardships that our ancestors dealt with in coming to this country, settling here, starting over....  and doing it without all the comforts we take for granted every day.  Personally just the idea of spending MONTHS or even WEEKS on a ship crossing the ocean just doesn't compute with my brain.  A few hours maybe, but weeks?  Don't hold your breath.

Think about the things you use every day, the things that we take for granted, then step back and look at your ancestors.  Look at their daily lives - then take a good look at yours.  Then tell me its okay to complain about it.

Sure puts things in perspective doesn't it?

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Mrs. Mac said...

Such great perspective. And I, too, was imagining the boat ride over, being sea sick .. stuck below deck with filth and illness, little clean water or food.

Last night I baked bread inside my Dutch oven in hearth fire .. waiting for the perfect coals, matching the perfect rise of my yeast dough .. what a skill it takes and to think this was common and every day. Now multiply that with unending work. Yes, we have much to be thankful for .. and really need to stop complaining about what our current age calls hardship.