07 July 2014

Monday Musings

This weekend Mr. Brown Eyes and I returned from a week of researching and hanging out with friends in Ohio.  We had a great time researching, chatting and porch sitting with some great friends from the Darke County area of Ohio.

As usual when you spend a week researching you return with lots of great information.  We enjoyed some research time at the Montgomery County Records Center & Archives,  Garst Research library and the Brethren Heritage Center.

One of the fabulous things that happened was that the Brethren Heritage Center had just gotten a donation of funeral home records and we were given the opportunity to go thru those.  What a gold mine of information that was!  We had great weather for our entire time away.  As usual its great to go away but always so wonderful to return to our home here at Karma Gardens.  (Yep, we named our property! Been pondering that for a while now.)

On the home front,  we are to be grandparents again in January!  Our daughter and her husband recently announced they are expecting baby #3. This will be grand baby #5 for us.  Needless to say we are so excited.

The construction is now complete on the kitchen redo that we were working on.  Its so nice having all that dust gone and the new kitchen up and functioning.  We are so blessed to have been able to get that major project done.

The Michigan State Archives is sponsoring a two day genealogy seminar on July 18th & 19th (wow! Only two weeks away!).  You can read more about it here.  I do know that the lock-in is already full, but I'm sure there are plenty of good seats open for the rest of the seminar.  I will be speaking there on Saturday the 19th.

I'll be spending lots of time typing over the next few weeks.  How are you spending your summer?

Happy Researching!

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