02 December 2014

Names You'll Be Glad Your Mother Didn't Give You. A Humorous Look At Some Interesting Names in My Files.

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Many years ago when we were expecting we were discussing names. I was convinced that we were having a girl (I was right).  One of the names on our list was Amanda.  My husband wanted to use the middle name Lynn.  I said nope.  Are you kidding me?  Amanda Lynn...  yep, say it quickly.  You get it right?  A mandolin..  Although it was a girl, and we did name her Amanda we didn't use the middle name Lynn.

But as I look thru my data base I find myself going "what were they thinking?" when I look at these couple of names that I came across.

1. My first one was Frances C. Jones aka Fanny.  She was born in Hopkins County, Kentucky in 1835.  Well she was okay until on 25 OCT 1882 when she married Dr. Adolphus F. RASH.  She became Mrs. Fanny Rash.  Really?  Is there anything more I need to say?

2. I just couldn't pass this one up either.  I mean, really?  Prior/ Pryor L. Breeding born in 1843 in Claiborne County, Tennessee.  Being the eighth of 11 children of John Breeding and Betsy Stone maybe had something to do with it, but really Prior/Pryor?  Does make you wonder what were they thinking?

3. This one I just never understood. I mean, his father's name was John, I'm sure there were lots of other options out there but, no, they named their son, George P. George.  I mean really? 

4. Another that I never really understood, sort of made me shake my head, was America Indiana?  I thought maybe they liked Indiana or something.  Turns out to my knowledge they were never even in Indiana.  Kansas yes, but Indiana no.  Hmmm?

5. I have to wonder who came up with the Given name of Green?  I have 32 men in my data base named Green.  A few are farmers - okay maybe they have green thumbs?  One or two are Doctors? The rest are just varying occupations.
Some names I see and I just wonder and marvel at the creativity expressed in the names...  Names like Centennial Nix,  Columbus George Washington Nix, and then the ever popular Littlebury?  I've got quite a few of those with the spelling varying but Littlebury?  Where did that come from?

How about you?  Got any strange name combinations in your files?


Diane Gould Hall said...

What a great idea. Going through unusual names in your tree. I like this. And, I can think of some right now without even looking at the tree.
Thanks for this post Karen.

Jo Henn said...

Ooh, what a great idea for a fun & interesting post! Fun reading.

TravelGenee said...

I find the names in my tree interesting too. Many have mothers maiden names as a Christian name,eg SCOTT, COLLIS, MYHILL, GROUT and more. One particular family has traditional first names and unusual middle names: Freeborn, Frith, Shuttlewood, Tarbert. So far I have not found earlier ancesters with these names as surnames, yet.

Unknown said...

Paternal Grandmother Mabel Agnes....Great Aunt who raised my Mother Winifred Martha was Leila Myrtle. Happily name Nancy Elizabeth after my maternal Great Grandmother Nancy Elizabeth Fly. Found out in my recent research years that my maternal Grandmother was Cassie Etta. She reportedly hated her name and was always just Etta. Had I known I would have named at least one of my two daughters Cassie. I love that name. Thanks Karen!