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09 August 2012

Alice Isn't The Only One Who Falls Down Rabbit Holes

Call me old fashioned but sometimes I just have to see it on paper.  When I research on line I print out one (1) yep you saw that, ONE family group sheet and that is what I research from.  The reason I don't research on line with the whole data base open is simple - rabbit holes. 

You know what I'm talking about - this fact leads to this link, this link leads to that link, that link leads to...  you get the idea.  Soon you have no idea where you came from or where you originally started, much less what you were originally looking for. 

Two simple tricks to help with those... 

1. I print out one group sheet or one personal summary.  Not six generations. ONE.  Yes, you heard me right.  Pick one family or one person and print out a group sheet or individual summary.  The blank spots show you the rest of what you need to do. 

2.  Evernote or a word processing program.  Why?  To track the websites that you visit and what you found there.  Later you can transfer those into your personal research note file for the person or family that you were researching. 

One last idea - When I do print out that group sheet or personal summary - its on paper that I recycle from other print jobs. 

**Clipart image from my friend - Michael Reck


Joan said...

Good tips, unfortunately I tend to be a Mad Hatter sort of researcher, but a family group sheet makes sense to me. Thanks.

wendy said...

Great idea! I have the "rabbit hole" AKA "oh, look it's shiny" ADD problem! This sounds like a great tip to keep focused. Thanks!

Jessica said...

I hear you on this but often those rabbit holes do lead to interesting places. I don't find what I went looking for but I find something that's helpful for some OTHER research I'm doing ... so it kind works.

Although sometimes I just find myself, you know, hanging with the rabbits.