21 June 2009


I'd like to introduce you to my dad! His name is Clarence C. Ansley. Been a long time since I've seen my dad, although he & I do have conversations quite a bit. No, I don't talk with him on the phone.

I came home from school one day in December of 1967 to hear that he had died earlier that day in a construction accident. I missed him then & I still miss him now. I think of him often, and I have photo's of him out in my home so that my grandsons can learn about the man I call dad!

So instead of writing tons of stuff about my dad, I think I'll just share some pictures of him and say, "Happy Father's Day, Dad!"

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Karen Packard Rhodes said...

Oh, my word. He was young. My father died at 42 of pneumonia, and I had just turned 7 years old. Nice tribute.