22 June 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

I have to say that my mother in law, "boots" was one of the most impressive women I have ever met.

She's the red head to your left, the goofy looking couple next to her is my husband Mark & myself. The photo was taken Sept. 9, 1977 at our wedding reception.

When she & I first met it was not instant attraction. She had called me months earlier when I refused to see her son. Seems he was driving her crazy. Anyway to make a long story short, despite our differences we became friends.

A wee bit eccentric maybe, but she had a passion for her horses, all animals and her family.

She was born Dorothy J. Ligon in Detroit in 1936, oldest child of Robert G. Ligon & Dorothy Shanklin Ligon, and died Aug 10, 1979 in Sarasota, Florida. She is part of the Ligon family that traces its roots back to the great beginnings of this country in early Virginia. Her other family lines, Shanklin, Winstead, Eudaley, Morris, Northingington, Metcalf, Hurst & more, offer me probably more research opportunity than most people could ever want. The walls of the Virginia Historical Society have portraits of her ancestors that any genealogist would drool to have.

I miss her and even though she is not my "mom" she did influence the way I look at some things. Fiercely honest with her opinions, standing for things she believed in - those are things I will remember about her forever. I wish she could see her three great grandsons, what a great time she would have had teaching them to love animals as she did. I'll not ramble on, below are some photo's of her I thought I'd share!

The multi-photo collage is from her modeling portfolio - she did some modeling in the metro Detroit area - especially at the Auto Show.

Miss you mom! Happy Birthday from Mark, Karen, Eric, Nick, Carter, Mandi, Jonathon, Rob, Justin, Nate & Ashley. (I know we've really expanded since you left us!)

Dorothy Joyce Ligon Krugman Pallister 1936-1979

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Karen Bensink said...

Karen -
lost my comment, so I'll try again. I am Karen from Western NY state. I can knit dishcloths if you are still looking. If you still need some let me know. I don't know that I have any yet, but I'm headed on vaca and they are good car knitting. Let me know...