16 June 2009

Scanner Meltdown

Today is the first full day since the return from our vacation that I am actually going to be home all alone. To some people this may sound boring and possibly crazy - but ME? I'm looking forward to it.

I brought home all these obits and death certificates from our vacation research trip - and now I can finally seriously sit here at my desk and make some major inroads into getting the information into my computer file.

The scanner is on & warming up, the stacks of obits etc are piled neatly awaiting their turn on the scanner. What awesome information will these papers yeild? Children's names? Residences? Perhaps a maiden name I've yet to discover?

Although the weather man is promising yet another beautiful day here in the metro Detroit area, I doubt seriously I will pay much attention or that you will find me out on the patio. I've been waiting for this day for quite some time.

Yep, home body me, loves to go, but loves to come back to my home & my life. Its time to see... is it possible to scan so much my scanner goes into a melt down? Stay tuned to tomorrow's episode to see.... Oh, if you see smoke coming from my office window, its not the house on fire its the scanner...

Happy researching!

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