13 July 2009

Fiesta Update

What a week we've had! We've been driving the 2009 Ford Fiesta - and what a drive its been!

Our hotel that we were in both Thursday night
& Friday had wi-fi but the signal was so bad I couldn't stay on line long enough to do any blogging or any kind of internet stuff at all.

So today you get the whole week in photo's and comments! To the left you can see the size of the Fiesta as shown with the Montana fifth wheel owned by our friends, Carol & Al Stevens. Carol & Al both drove the car and had a blast with it. Carol talks about her drive of the Fiesta on her blog, Reflections From The Fence

Everywhere we went someone was taking pictures, even as we drove down the road, we had several vehicles pull up near us and whip out the camera's. One man went so far as to take photo's of the vehicles from all directions. People were in Toyota's, Fords, Minivans & trucks. People of all colors & ages were looking at the little green car.

Many people stopped us to ask questions, one lady said I've been seeing this car around and trying to get you to slow down so I can see. Once I saw it stopped I had to come see. We were in Indiana getting ice cream at a little drive thru shop on the side of some country road. While we were at the window getting our ice cream she stuck her head in the passenger window wanting to know what a Fiesta was and how she could get one!

Spent some time yesterdat at The Henry Ford in Dearborn and a man came up with questions and declared the Fiesta to be "his next car!" After spending the past five days driving all over in this car I think I might be inclined to say the same thing.

For those of you who need stats - its a 1.6 liter engine with variable cam timing, 4 cylinder, 5 speed manual on the floor with front wheel drive... and it moves! The pickup & go for this small car is just fabulous. We drove the hatchback version but a sedan is also available!

Roomy enough to seat not only four adults but you could easily put two car seats in the back if needed. Our grandsons, Nick & Carter needed a ride to school on Thursday and grandpa was kind enough to assist...

No matter where we went, or what we did people wanted to know about the "little green car"... they wanted to sit in it, they wanted to know where to get it, they wanted to know if they could drive it... and the questions just kept coming.

One question we got was about "trunk" space, and there is no shortage of storage either. With a suitcase, three computer bags, a projector cart and four small bags of books, the little green car just kept surprising us!

Did I mention gas mileage yet? Well if I haven't let me say this - 41 plus miles per gallon - this car sips gas like you would sip a fine wine. For a vehicle that is not a hybrid getting 41 mpg or better per tank sure is sweet. I own a hybrid - and I love it, but this car costs alot less than my hybrid and the mileage is even better than my hybrid. And from what I understand about the possible pricing, its well within almost anyone's budget!

With the Sync system for phones, great audio sound, comfort, milage and much more I really can't say that I find no reason this car shouldn't be anyone's next car - we just have to wait until 2010 to get it. Guess that gives me time to save up eh?

This was truly a great experience and Mark & I want to thank Ford for choosing us to promo the Fiesta! What a great experience it was for us! The grandkids were really disappointed when grandpa said that "the little green car" was going away today. They really loved that little green car! We all do. Everyone we met & talked to loved the little green car! All I can say is THUMBS UP FOR THE FIESTA!

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