09 July 2009


Well, its finally here! Our Fiesta experience has finally began. The sporty little car arrived yesterday evening and promptly all the macho males in our house wanted to check it out. I even went for a drive. Plenty of space for a plus sized person, great leg room and rides very nicely. I was impressed with how quiet it is on the road. The photo above shows Mark's nephew Nate checking out the new Fiesta.

Mark picked up the vehicle yesterday at Ford World HQ in Dearborn and promptly drove it back to his office in Livonia - as the photo shows it drew quite a crowd...

Being men errrrr engineers of course the first thing to check out was under the hood.

As you can see the sporty vehicle seems to attract attention where ever it goes.

Many sat in the car, testing leg room and headroom space, a few others even took it for a test drive around the parking lot.

All seemed rather impressed with the handling and driveability of the car. We owned a Ford Fiesta back in 1978-1979 and this Fiesta is a world above what ours was then.

At right Dorothy S. who is under 5 ft tall and her counterpart & co-worker Darrell E. who is 6ft 5 check out the new Fiesta. Darrell & Dorothy both found the car fit them just fine, with plenty of leg & head room, but flexible enough to accomendate both their heights.

Later today Mark & I will be leaving to take the Fiesta on a road trip into Indiana & Kentucky. BUT if you are in the area and want to take a look at the new Fiesta come and see us.

From 11am to 3pm today the car will be at the Sterling Assembly Plant on Van Dyke Road, Sterling Heights. From 5pm to 7pm tonight you can see the car at Olive Garden on Ford Road. Stop by and check it out! As you can see from the color you certainly can't miss it. For those of you who see us on the road feel free to honk or wave, we'd love to show you the car.

You can read more about the Fiesta experience at: Fiestamovement.com - I'll be posting all the photo's from our Fiesta experience on my facebook page - search Karen Krugman, Detroit and you'll find the album with more photo's.

Stop by and check the the Fiesta experience - the most fun you can have on four wheels....


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