02 July 2009

The Friends & Family Plan...

As many of you know we are here in Florida - visiting family & friends, mixing in a bit of genealogy.

This morning we left South Florida and headed north to visit with Studmuffin's half sister Jennifer & her family. Jennifer & her husband David have three adorable kids, and we always enjoy visiting with them.

Before we left we made the trip from Bradenton down to Sarasota to pick up Studmuffin's brother and nephew. Traveling from one place to another with family, laughing and talking sure helps the time to fly by, especially in a car driving on the interstate.

So many times when we get into genealogy we get so caught up in the past that we forget the future. We forget to take time out from researching the past and take some time to enjoy the future, the kids & grandkids that are here writing the family history of tomorrow.

Researching our family history is important, it helps us understand who we are and where we come from, why we like the things we like, why we look the way we look. But shutting our eyes and time to the generations living now is like closing the book on your family history before you even begin to research the past.

So this summer take the time to put the genealogy down and spend some time with the generations that are here now. After all, what is family history without them?

Happy researching!

[Images shown: Grace, Jacob & Addie; Studmuffin & brother Rob; Rob's boys, Justin & Nate - all photo's from files of author]

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