01 July 2009

Rain Rain Go Away...

Well here we are in Sunny errrr rainy south Florida. We arrived yesterday late after two days on the road.

Last night we had dinner with Studmuffins oldest brother, Rob, his girlfriend, Caroline - our friend Robin and her boyfriend Michael. A nice time had by all. It was good to see everyone, after all its been almost three years since we've had the chance to visit.

Figured while I was here I would check my to do list and see what I could do genealogical speaking. Figured out that a visit to the Gillette Cemetery would be in order. Did I mention it is raining? So we made the check list and set out. It started to pour along the way as we headed north to Ellenton. After about 20 minutes we arrived at the cemetery.

There was one circle drive that went thru the cemetery. As we drove thru the rain continued to pour down quickly, turning all the dirt to mud. Alot of the headstones are the flat ones that most genealogist despise.

On the second drive thru with the rain still coming down I managed to locate a couple of the stones I wanted. We located a spot in the middle of the cemetery that had two "signs". One sign, a rather large stone, had the names of those who were rumored to have been buried there, but had no stones. I found two on that list that I was searching for.

The other list, typed sheets, was in a glass case, which listed burial locations with names. With the discovery of those locations I was able to locate the remaining headstones on my list.

Now, I must do the disclaimer thing. I did not get out of my car and photograph those stones but STUDMUFFIN did, he got right out of the car, In the pouring rain and photographed those stones for me.

Now if that isn't dedicated love after 32 years can someone tell me what is?
Happy Researching!

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lindalee said...

You are VERY lucky. My husband would not get out of a car to photograph anything in the rain! You aren't missing much up north. It has been cold and raining here as well. I leave on vacation on Saturday and am praying that this horrid weather front begins to move eastward. Enjoy Florida.