29 August 2009

Changes In Attitude...

I don't know if that title really fits or not, its not an attitude thing its a rethinking thing. I've been doing genealogy now for give or take a year here or there 20 years.

When I started genealogy I did things one way. I was "young" in genealogy and didn't have the data base or knowledge that I have now. Now that I am "older" - and I'm only referring to my "genealogy" age not my personal age (heaven forbid - me OLD?), I find myself rethinking things that I do.

Its not that when I was young I did it wrong, its just its not what I would like it to be now.

One example - when I first started, I began collecting death certificates. BUT I never made a fact or named exactly what the cause of death was -- until now. Never before did my software make it so I could put the "cause of death" on my data entry screen - in full site!

Now that I am using Legacy for my genealogy I find that I can put the cause of death right on my data screen and I love it. SO, the challenge now is going back thru all my death certificates and entering that information. It fits into yet another project I've been itching to do... take all the "documentation" I've been saving in my "family notebooks" and scan them to my hard drive... what a project that promises to be.

But then, what else does a body do when the weather turns cooler and winter comes to Michigan... yep, got myself a project for this winter when all you want to do is cocoon in your nice warm cozy house and wait for spring.

What genealogy projects do you have planned for this winter?

Happy researching...


Greta Koehl said...

When I first started downloading Texas death certificates from Family History Record Search, I didn't put in the cause of death, either; then about half way through, I realized that I ought to and went back to put it in for the first 200 I had already done. Boy, what a job that was.

Karen said...

Nothing like making extra work for yourself eh? good thing you caught it after 200 and not after 2000... When I do something goofy like that I always think, Now why didn't I think of that BEFORE????