03 September 2009

All work & No Play...

You know the old saying about all work & no play right? So here we are in Louisville, Kentucky. Mark is overseeing some builds at the Kentucky Truck plant this week. So of course he asked his favorite seat cover (ME!) to accompany him.

A nice suite here at the hotel offers pretty much a body could need to function & relax. But of course, being genealogists did you you think we would not do any genealogy while here?

With Mark's roots here in Kentucky it seems there is always a headstone to photograph or someone to chase. A quick look at our data base shows that Louisville was no exception. We came up with a list of people buried in Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville that we needed headstone photo's of.

Cave Hill Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Louisville, chartered in 1848. What really impressed me was the maps and the being able to locate the graves in their grave finder I found on their website. That truly made it easy to locate the graves we needed to photograph.

This is truly a beautiful cemetery & anyone visiting the city of Louisville might want to take a minute or half an hour and take a drive thru. We really enjoyed it.

Do be warned, they close the gates at 5 and security doesn't hesitate to let you know that as they show you the way out (very politely of course!). Take the camera, there are some really beautiful markers and gardens in this cemetery.

Happy researching

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