25 September 2009

Frustrated Friday...

Ever been frustrated with your research? Too many lines, too many avenues that need searching? Sometimes I feel that way myself.

I keep a notebook binder with our direct line pedigree's in it. The pages are printed off and are in sheet protectors (slippery pages as my cuz Carol calls em). My software was nice enough to do an index for me so if I am in a hurry I can just check it and flip right to the family in question.

When I get bored or just frustrated or just need something new to work on, I turn to my pedigree charts.

I just sit and flip thru until something jumps out at me. Sometimes it will be Mark's family, sometimes its mine. No telling which will hit. I find that by just following my "feeling" when I jump in I am able to just roll with it.

Along with my current reorganization project I am also working on making sure that I have all the census and primary documentation on all of the direct lines for both mine & Mark's family tree. Sometimes you have to do some "spring" cleaning on the computer & your genealogy too!

The frustrating part is getting the time to just sit & get busy.... there seems to be a never ending array of things out there to draw you away from the important tasks at hand, dishes, laundry, cooking.... and the list goes on & on...

How do YOU deal with frustrations in your genealogy? I'd love to hear....

Now, where did I put that notebook???

Happy researching



Amy Coffin said...

Sometimes when I need to clear my mind, I'll do some volunteer indexing because it's rather simple.

Sometimes I schedule *me* genealogy time, which just means I can do whatever I want, not what needs to be done.

Sometimes I just take a break from genealogy altogether for a day or two and I get a new perspective.

Karen said...

Thanks Amy! I can relate... sometimes you need to just walk away and clear the fog! Appreciate your input.