26 September 2009

Presley OR Jonas Tapp?

Yesterday I spent some time working on linking and editing the photo's we recently took on a trip to Cave Hill cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky.

I was working on a family of Tapp's that came out of Hopkins County, Kentucky. Tracked them to Louisville and the subsequent burial in the family plot. Looking to verify the identity of one child I found in the plot, Presley R. Tapp 1878-1880. Despite my best efforts I was unable to locate him on the Kentucky Deaths 1852-1953 data base on Ancestry.com. Was getting a wee bit frustrated so, when Mark offered to take offer and do some census data entry work for me last evening late - I figured what the heck. I explained where I was in the "process" of the census work on the family and that Presley was not yet linked as I was not positive who he belonged to.

He did the census work and then took over in my search for Presley R. Tapp. He began to work with Ancestry's Kentucky deaths and when I woke this morning he announced he had figured out and found Presley Tapp! I was amazed!

Look at the following image and tell me if you see Jonas Tapp in this image?? If you click on it, it will blow up so that it is legible for you to read.

No, there is no Jonas Tapp on this image or on this entire page. But the indexer from A****try thinks there is!

When we do census work we note all info including address if we can get it off the side lines of the census image. On the above image from the Mortuary record for Presley we see an address of his home. After going back on our census trail we were able to positively identify him as one of the children of Thomas J. & his wife, Mary Chamberlin Tapp. Turns out that Presley R Tapp is actually Presley Rogers Tapp - although he is shown on the 1880 simply as Rogers Tapp.

A bit of a challenge to our detective skills but in the end all eleven persons in the Tapp plot were identified and linked in our data base along with their headstones.

All in all a very good day indeed!

Happy Researching!


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