28 September 2009

Monday Madness...

I thought for a few minutes about calling today's blog Monday Moaning rather than Monday Madness but... oh well.... onward....

As many of you who read my blog know, we've been spending alot of time working on re-organization & re-evaluating how we do things in my genealogy software. This includes the handling of images & documentation. WHEW! What a chore I've taken on.

I've discussed the documentation issues and the dismantle of all my notebooks in previous posts. Today the issue is photo's. Specifically the headstone photo's.

All of my headstone photo's are filed in a large file called "headstones" - appropriate eh? Anyway, under that heading it is broken down by cemetery names, arranged alphabetically. The cemeteries are named like this:

Springboro WarrenCo OH - which translates to Springboro Cemetery, Warren County, Ohio - now personally I know exactly where this cemetery is, including township etc., so this works for me. Under the cemetery name area you'll find the pictures. The photo's that are named are linked, if it is unlinked it is not named.

Each cemetery file has headstone photo's from each cemetery as well as an image of the cemetery gates or entrance and for those we have visited in the past few years an image of the GPS coordinates.

So when I find something that states that so & so is buried in this cemetery, in such & such town I can go to that cemetery, look for burials and see if I already have that headstone.

This system works for me - maybe not for everyone. But every now & then I try to go back and clean things up, make sure I have no broken links, everything is properly named and linked. Meanwhile, Mark spent the evenings chasing census. With the 1940 federal census being released in less than three years its important that we get on top of the census we are missing as well. But that's another blog eh??

Its a challenge making sure that its all organized, linked & named - sometimes a bit overwhelming, but when it all works great it sure is nice! Sometimes its enough to drive you mad...

How do you organize your headstone/tombstone photo's for your genealogy? It's always interesting to see how others handle this. Drop a comment & share. Who knows maybe someone else could use your help!

Happy Researching!

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