16 October 2009

Annie Nix Ansley 1919-2001

David Ansley & Annie Elizabeth Nix Ansley
She was born on October 16, 1919 in Grady County, Georgia - the daughter of LeRoy Nix and his wife, Susan Sellars Nix. She was the youngest of their five children. Married at 13, the mother of three, two of whom she would bury long before she herself passed.

A woman of strength, compassion and boundless love for her family. She loved her 8 grandchildren & numerous great grandchildren with a passion that amazes me even today. Although she has been gone 8 years it feels like yesterday. I think of her often. If my grandchildren's memories of their times with me are as good as those I have of my granny and our time together, then I will consider myself a success. She set the example for me & for the way I see many things in life.

Remembered for her cooking, the fried fish, the hush puppies, blackeyed peas & cornbread. For her sewing - taking a tattered "baby doll" from the flea market and lovingly restoring it to its orginial state using clothes she made her self for each doll. If you ask my grown children their favorite memory of her they will tell you it was the way she loved to pinch their cheeks. They laugh now, but when they saw her coming they always had a plan... if you run this way & I run that way she can't chase us both... and off they would go. Fine with me, gave me a few minutes to get my hugs from her.

Every photo of my granny with her husband, my grandfather, David, they are touching, visable is a love & commitment that is seldom seen in couples today. They were insepable until her death in 2001. No putting on airs, she was who she was and anyone was welcome in her home, at her table. Good simple food, good simple folks who loved their family. What more can a girl ask for? My childhood memories of the time I spent with her will be with me till I die, and sitting here today I think of her, of the lessons I learned from her, and I feel the loss of her passing as if it were yesterday.

Happy Birthday Granny!
I miss you!

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