15 October 2009

Remember Review Review Review?

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A few days ago or so I wrote a post on REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW.... something I think every genealogist should do. We get so caught up in chasing things on the web and other places we forget to look right in our own files.

I've been searching for several years for an obituary that I knew I had. Couldn't for the life of me tell you WHERE it was but I knew I had it. Now, when I say things like that people assume I am unorganized. Nothing could be further from the truth. I believe everything should have a place and everything should be in that place. But now and then....

Things fall thru the cracks. The obituary I was searching for was for that of my GGG grandfather, William Boomershine who died in 1932 in Montgomery County, Ohio. In this massive reorganization I've been doing I've been finding all sorts of things.

Look what I found yesterday....

Yep, It's the one & only, the obituary I had been searching for. Not the best clarity at this point but you get the idea... Looks almost twin to my brother, minus the mustache! The obituary was in a sheet protector between Williams eulogy and that of his wife, Elmira. Also tucked in there was this photo below...

This photo is of William & Elmira and their children. Not the best photo but its all I have of this family. If you know who has the original of this I'd sure like to find a better copy.

In the meantime I'll keep on reviewing & organizing. Who knows what I'll find next!

Happy Researching!

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