01 October 2009

Have A Little Faith

Last night we attended Mitch Albom's book launch for his new book, "Have A Little Faith". What a great night! It was heart warming to see so many people turn out and have the homeless of Detroit benefit.

It was heartwarming to see & hear Detroit sports legend, Ernie Harwell. The body may be challenged but the spirt and the mind are just as strong as ever. Listening to Ernie Harwell speak - talking about his memories of world series games, his friendship with Jackie Robinson and the history that he has seen in baseball, made me hope that his memories have been written down for those who came after us to enjoy! What a great man!

It was fascinating to listen to Bernie Smilovitz from Detroit's channel 4 sports talk about his parents and their ties to the Holocaust - again reminded me how important it is that we take the time to record our memories of the past.

I've always enjoyed Dave Barry's columns and listening to him in person was just as wonderful as reading his columns. His sense of humor shines thru and kept us all laughing. Flew up from Miami just to contribute to this great charity event. Kudo's to you!

Listening to R&B recording artist Kem - what a voice this young man has - and he a survivor of the Detroit homeless community. Such talent. His performance was just astounding.

Anita Baker with her fabulous voice and wonderful spirit - a woman who knows what she believes and is not afraid to stand up for what is important to her. What a voice!

The entire evening was just fabulous - and every dime raised went to help the homeless of Detroit.

Its good to see & know that there are still people in Michigan who DO care and aren't afraid to show it! Thanks Mitch & friends for an awesome evening!

Happy Researching!

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