02 October 2009

On The Road Again....

Yep, we are off another great adventure! This time we are headed for Darke County, Ohio for Darke County List Fest 2009 ! This will be the 10th & final list fest unless someone steps up and takes over the planning end of this great event! Listfest was started 10 years ago by Jane & Wayne, for researchers on the Darke County researchers list. An idea turned into a some planning and brainstorming and suddenly listfest was born. Researchers come from all over the country to attend this great event.

The event started meeting in a park and after a few late summer meetings with the heat, bugs and other distractions it was decided to move indoors where it has been ever since. So rain or shine listfest goes on! A donation has been taken in past years to pay the fee for using the facility where we now enjoy our day!

The event is a fabulous one - with lots of genealogy - information exchanges, speakers and then a pot luck lunch to compete with any commercial buffet. Some bring crockpots full of wonderful food, others bring delightful desserts and baked goods. Never a shortage, plenty for all. After nine years sometimes it seems more like a family reunion than a genealogy get together.

A great time is always had by all! So if you happen to have some Darke County, Ohio roots, check out the website above- and if you can stop by and say hi! There's always more than enough food - and certainly no shortage of genealogy!

Thanks Jane & Wayne for all your hard work - Mark & I will certainly miss our yearly trek south for listfest!

Happy Researching!

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