30 November 2009

Monday Moaning...

Here it is Monday morning! Where did the weekend go? Thanksgiving was nice, spent the day with the family, only two oldest grandsons were absent, they were with their mom for the weekend.

So much to be thankful for - and now the Christmas holidays are upon us. Even with all the holiday stuff coming on, I spent the weekend working on some genealogy.

My dad's ANSLEY line, which only came to light in 2006 with the help of DNA has been a line I've wanted to seriously work on for a long time. Filled with all kinds of "loopholes" and "potholes" its just a challenge to take on. I've put it down swearing to never work on it again, several times because of its difficulty.

SO this weekend I decided to be thankful I had a dad and in his honor decided to pick it up again. The challenges are still there, after all this line has serious deep roots in South Georgia, but I have decided I am up for it.

Dug out the files, the unknown obituary folder, the Ansley book and more and dug in for a long weekend of researching. Mark had things to do so why not? Well good things do happen. After much work, the unknown folder has only one item in it that I can not identify - I was able to claim and identify the other six obits & newspaper articles and put them with their rightful owners. Did much census work which was a major help! I then wandered over to FindAGrave and was even able to locate several burial locations, a few with headstone photo's already in place! A little work over at Ancestry and I was able to score some marriage dates and maiden names to boot. Genealogybank got in on the act and I scored some great obituaries & newspaper articles, one about one of the persons I was working on and his near drowning as a young man in Macon.

All in all a productive weekend. Hope to do some more digging on the Ansley's in the upcoming months. Heck we even got the Christmas lights up on the three big trees out on the corner! Not a bad weekend at all.

How did you spend this past weekend?

Happy researching!


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