27 November 2009

Vital Records Freebie

So are you home today instead of fighting all the crowds at the store for Black Friday? Surfing around looking for info on your ancestors?

How about a freebie run over at WorldVitalRecords.com ?

Now thru Nov. 30th you can surf their Colonial records data bases with no cost and no credit card required. YEP, its totally free.

Just go to the website above - click on the hot link - and over on the left click on 11/24 Free Access to Early American Records. That includes Rev. War military, vital records & more for select data bases. Not a bad deal.

I was over there last night after all the family left. Found a few things of interest. Be sure to get the source info if you find things.

I have no connections and receive no sort of kickbacks or anything from them for sharing this with you. Enjoy & good luck!

Happy researching!

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