25 November 2009


The turkeys are all running for cover - the grocery stores are all packed and the mailbox is full of ads for shopping the day after Thanksgiving! Can you believe its ALREADY Thanksgiving?

Can't speak for everyone reading my blog today but it just seems natural to me to especially counting our blessings this year.

  • 3 healthy active grandsons
  • my mom, age 72 is still healthy and enjoying her life
  • Mark still has a job at Ford despite all the job cuts at Ford earlier this year
  • Both of the kids are still employed & healthy
  • Everyone in the family has a roof over their heads & the heat is on
  • No breast cancer!
  • Life is good, we are blessed and for that we are especially thankful!

My Thanksgiving wish for each of you reading this blog is peace & happiness for you & yours this Thanksgiving holiday. I won't be blogging tomorrow - I plan on spending the day enjoying the day with my family. After all isn't family one of life's greatest blessings? After all we do research FAMILY history!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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