20 November 2009

Harrison County, Indiana

Today while Mark had an afternoon free of Ford business we took a little drive over to Harrison County, Indiana. Corydon to be exact. Nice town!

I've been working on Mark's HURST line, from John Mill Creek right on down, chasing them all over. Those of you not familiar with the Hurst family, John Mill Creek was a busy man, what with farming and all, having two wives and siring 17 children. Migrated from Virginia into Tennessee and many other parts of these United States as well.

Corydon Indiana was one of those great places that the Hurst family took up residence, and their presence is well known with Hursttown and other places in some way wearing the name Hurst.

Stepping into the main Harrison County branch of the public library gets you pointed to the genealogy library out back. Instead of tearing down the older library when they got a new one they put the genealogy collection in the older building. And its great! I must admit I totally enjoy the library here. Everything is arranged so nicely, copies a whole .10, microfilm self service, obits neatly arranged in notebooks, everything labeled and efficiently prepared for the eager researcher like me! Surname folders fill the filing cabinets and tons of vital records, cemetery records and local history books fill the shelves!

Its a researchers dream! So if you find your ancestors wandered over to Corydon, Harrison County, Indiana way - stop in the genealogy library and tell them you heard they were awesome! Its a great way to research away an afternoon! You'll be glad you did!

Happy researching!

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