19 November 2009

Georgia Virtual Vault

As some of you may know Mark & I have been here in Louisville, Kentucky this week. He's been working for Ford and I've been working for me! Just some quiet time to take meds and try to get over the gunk that I caught from the grandsons, time to do some reading and some genealogy.

I think one of my new finds (actually a re-discover!) has to be the Georgia Virtual Vault what an amazing amount of information from the vaults of Georgia!

I found Georgia death records indexed with actual images 1919-1927, unindexed but still with images for 1928-1930; CSA pension and military records, a "card file" done by surnames. I even found a physical description of one of the brothers of my ancestor! The card file is made up of scanned cards, organized by surname. Some marriages and other records all included in those cards!

Also here are marriage records, land records, military records and so much more. I urge anyone with any ties to the state of Georgia to take the time and visit this great site! You won't be sorry!

Happy Researching!

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Felicia R Mathis said...

Love this site also, although my ancestors are from Louisiana. They were born from GA. Was able to find a possible connection between gg grandmother and gg grandfather's owner's from this site.