17 January 2010

Relatively Speaking

Humor or Bad Memory ??

I have this ancestor - his name is George Sellars. He was born 19 JUL 1877 & died 21 SEP 1951. From all appearances George appears to be a normal person. He's born, he died, he married, he had children (8 of them in fact!).

The thing that amuses me or possibly is it confuses me, is that he appears to have quite the sense of humor - or maybe he just had a really bad memory?

Some bio on George. He was born in 19 JUL 1877 in Decatur County, Georgia, he married 2 JAN 1902 to Emma Strickland. They shared many years together until George dies in Manatee County, Florida on 2 SEP 1951. They had eight children together, all but one living to maturity.

The thing that makes me wonder about the memory or the sense of humor was the census records involved. Every census that George was on, he alternated how his name was presented. If he was George Thomas on one he was Thomas George on the next one. If he was T.G. on one he was G.T. on the next. Was it a game to him? Was this his sense of humor? Or was it just really bad memory?

When I first started to research George I had a difficult time because until I saw his pattern emerging. At first I thought nah, this is coincidence. No one could remember 10 years before... I certainly can't. Heck did I sign my census as Karen E. or Karen A. or maybe it was Mrs. Mark... and this guy doesn't miss a lick. He's right on the money everytime.

Sense of humor or bad memory? I'd like to think its a really great sense of humor!
Thanks George for the laughs!

Happy Researching!


Carol said...

OK, how come I don't remember this story?? What a hoot!

Diane said...

Well Georgie boy was not the only one to do that. I've encountered the same darn thing. Interesting.

TennLady said...

Add a third party (census taker) and who knows what can happen.