22 January 2010


Today we continue on with the STUMBLE process. We're going to discuss the letter "T".

"T" is for TRACE. Keep good records, know what you looked at, know where & when your ancestors lived, trace their migration. Trace all available census and vital records on your ancestors.

By tracing all the census and all the vital records you know where to look, where you've looked & where you need to look. Keeping good records in a notebook or in your genealogy file describing the places you've checked, the records you've gone thru means no wasting time doing double searches. It also means when asked you can answer with certaintity that you've done all you can do.

So to recap, we've got S- for sourcing and now T- for Trace......

We'll pick this up again on Monday when we look at the letter U. What do you think I use the letter "U" for?

Happy Researching!



Tracy said...

So what method do you use to track the items you've already looked at? Are you keeping a separate paper research log, a spreadsheet or word document, or are you noting it in your software? I am looking for ideas on how I can better manage this area of my research.

Karen said...

Hi Tracy - Legacy, which is the software I use has a notefield called "Research" and this is where I've been tracking the places I've looked at for my ancestors. Unfortunately I started this after I had been researching a while, so now & then I still backtrack a wee bit.