21 January 2010


Yep, today's blog is on the "S" in the word Stumble. The letter "S" in STUMBLE is for SOURCING. Sourcing is such an important part of the Stumble process. Making sure that all your information is sourced so that no matter what the item is you know where you got it, who gave it to you, where you found it or just who told you.

Without sourcing you really can not make a good decision about how valid your information is. Without sourcing you really have no solid ground to stand on when challenged.
Without sourcing you basically are writing a fairy tail. Can you imagine a lawyer going into court without supporting evidence to back up his claims? Of course not!

As a good genealogist its important to know where your information came from. Being able to compare two dates - and know where both dates came from gives you the power to draw conclusions based on FACT instead of theory. Without sourcing you really can not decide between two dates - you have nothing to base your case on.

Being able to go back at any time & relocate the information is also a big plus. You really do yourself a big favor by sourcing your material. After all if you aren't sourcing your material you might as well just be writing a fairy tale.

Happy Researching.

A correction to yesterday's blog - I said I was speaking at the St. Clair Shores library when in fact I spoke at the St. Clair Public library. Big difference. Sorry about that.

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