26 February 2010

Just blowin' off steam...WORMBRAINS

We all have them or encounter them sooner or later in our genealogy research.

You know, the one person, male or female, who knows everything there is to know on your line, and no matter what you say or do, they won't share anything - but insist they have it all & know it all...

Yep we all have 'em. I've decided best way to handle them is just to blow them off, not respond, delete emails & go find my own information!

Mine was gracious enough to tell me - "when you've proven you actually belong to this line, we'll chat...." and that would be when? Oh yeah.... WHEN H**L FREEZES OVER!!!

Note to self - this is my time line (that H**L comment) not the wormbrain's....

Reason this came up - I was working in one of my main surname files & I had included an email from said wormbrain in said file so I didn't make the mistake of contacting said wormbrain a second time!

Oh well - Check back Monday when we do "Relatively Speaking - Cousins Who Blog" here on GenealogyFrameOfMind. Its my turn on Monday and I've got a great census record for you to look at. Have a great weekend -

Happy Researching!


Bill West said...

That is the sort of "old guard genealogy"
attitude that needs to change! Wormbrains,
indeed.Good for you!


Alice Dilts said...

I came across a wormbrain like that too! I was willing to share and even sent a record but they never sent anything back but just said they could trace their line back!

Greta Koehl said...

Wormbrains ... a very useful term ... that is going to catch on.

Karen said...

Thanks to all of you for commenting! Too many wormbrains out there - its time for a new attitude that includes sharing - including their sources!

GrannyPam said...

Too bad that people feel this way. I have encountered a few, but I simply do like you do, disregard and move on. My good stories are about meticulous researchers and cousins who find joy in sharing and joint research. We all get farther if we avoid covering ground already tilled, raked, and sifted by others.