01 March 2010

1890 Census

I think that most of us are aware that the 1890 census was destroyed by a fire & only miniscule parts survived. What a great loss that was for genealogists!

Today's blog is going to share a great replacement for the 1890 to some degree. There are several replacements out there, two of my favorites - the Kentucky School Census for 1890 and the one I am going to highlight today - the 1890 Surviving Soldiers, Sailors & Marines & Widows Schedule. They came up with that name not me! Anyway, this is a great resource IF your ancestor served in any military capacity before 1890.

Keep in mind that it doesn't give the family members in the household with the veteran only the information on the veteran. It is done by county & state just like the regular census. The information contained on the census includes military rank, name of regiment, date of enlistment & date of discharge. Also to be found are a column for listing of any disability incurred during service & a column for remarks. I especially have found great stuff in the remarks column -things like transferrred from, re-enlisted dates, battles fought etc.

Remember that you can click on the above image to enlarge it & use your back button to return to the blog. This image was from the Ancestry collection. Note that you will have to follow the number to the bottom of the page to get to the comments & other information.

Happy Researching!



Anonymous said...

Karen, your blog made its' way to Face Book and has blessed a bunch of researchers there. Thanks to you and her for sharing.

Karen said...

Thank you for posting! It's always nice to hear nice things said! I love what I do and I am really enjoying writing this blog. Glad you are enjoying it!