19 February 2010

More Names Names Names

Last night while working on some more estate files I found this one - this time from Hopkins County, Kentucky - September 1860. For this purpose I am going to post only page two of the three page estate, as the first & last page really have no information having to do with this post.

Not going to say much about this one - just a fabulous example of slave names being present in an estate division.

This one unique because John Davis, Sr., the owner of all the slaves has passed away. Instead of just lumping all the slaves together, John's estate list not only his children & their spouses but he also gives the slaves that he is giving each family, listing them by name.

I have not transcribed this - but if someone wants to attempt this I would be happy to share the paper copy I have. The surnames found in this document are DAVIS, LNYCH, MORROW and LIGON. A really good find not just for slave owners but for Davis researchers. Take a look for yourself. Remember that clicking on the image will enlarge it for your reading pleasure!

Happy Researching!


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TCasteel said...

This reminded me of a line I was researching some time ago and slaves were listed by name in a will. I need to locate that copy again and take a deeper look at it. Thanks! - Theresa