23 April 2010

Changing My Mind....

You know how that is. As a female I can change my mind as often as I like. Sometimes I think I drive poor Mark crazy the way I change my mind. Being female of course that does cause him to make some of those female/mind changing jokes! Ok, whatever....

I first started doing genealogy a bit over 20 years ago. Mark's stepmom had been talking genealogy when we used to get together to play bingo & hang out. It was a night out from the kids & making dinner that sort of thing. Anyway she would bring her genealogy to the bingo hall to go over while we were waiting for things to start.

All her talking & excitement about finding this & that peaked my interest. So I started working on my family history. I got some software and started to input materials, dates, places, names etc. When I got around to sourcing I thought long & hard about how I wanted to do this. After all to a newbie like that, I figured the sourcing was locked in once I started!

LOL - that surely is good for a laugh right? I think anyone doing genealogy has at some point looked at their sourcing or some other part of their genealogy and thought, "What the heck possessed me to do it like that?" or maybe, "I think this other way is much better!" Of course after you start the project of changing you find yourself going, "..what the %#^$%*^ was I thinking?"

Okay, I'm female, I did it again. I looked at how I was citing death certificates and found myself going, "Why did I do it like that?"

Oh well I suppose in a few years I'll do it again... after all I am a female and entitled to change my mind right??

Happy Researching!

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