26 April 2010

Relatively Speaking - Distractions

Today is our Relatively Speaking day, Cousin Anne is up today over at Gene Notes and she does a nice piece on distractions. Stop on over for a read, I'm sure she'd love a visit & comment.

I decided today to follow Anne's lead - distractions seem to be a major part of my life these days. I've been working more on my prep for both the Ft Wayne trip on the 4th and our vacation/research trip to Pennsylvania on the 14th. Excited as I am about both sometimes I do need to come up for air.

Late yesterday as I was digging around doing some straightening I came across an estate file. I've always got a folder of "data entry/scanning" that needs to be done. It seems I never remember what is in the folder so its like Christmas when I go in & pull out some stuff to work on. Yesterday's find? The estate of Edward Shanklin (1765-1826)! Edward is Mark's 5th great grandfather, so finding his estate in that pile was a very good thing. I immediately got the images transcribed & linked into my Legacy software. Aren't scanners a GRAND thing!?!?!?!

This is page four of the estate file, sorry the image isn't better. Its as good as its going to be! Remember that if you really want to view the document simply click on the image and a larger image will be opened. Just hit your browsers back button to return to the blog.

Happy Researching!



Anonymous said...

Todd County, huh? Looks like I need to prepare another gedcom so we can compare notes again! Double Cuz Mike

Karen said...

Better get busy Mike! Lots of Shanklins out there to stay busy on!