15 April 2010

Hide and Seek...

I've spent the later part of today working on a family that migrated from Georgia into Detroit ca1919. The father on the 1930 census is shown as being married but the wife/mother is no where to be found. There are five children in the household.

Backtrack to 1910 (So far not found on 1920 - in transit maybe?) no one by that name to be found on the planet. No mother/wife name to search with. I decide to try looking for family on 1910 with children that would be present at that time.

Found one family in Georgia still, two of the five children there match perfectly. Wife/mom is there but unknown if same. Biggest difference? One dad with name states he was born in ca1880 the other states he was born ca1869? If this is same family what happened to those three children? They were not on the 1930, and at least two should be from my deductions.

Never thought I would be playing hide & seek to earn my pay... but then it was one of my favorite games as a child...

Happy Researching!

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