12 April 2010

Relatively Speaking... Resource!

Sunday I took a break from the Pennyslvania prep work to do some prep work in NE Ohio - more specifically Medina County, Ohio.

I had compiled a list of obits I wanted to see if I could find there at the Medina County library. I knew about their library from past visits, and one of their great resources is the Medina County Obituary index.

They have a great bunch of volunteers who have put together this fabulous index. I've found obituaries on this site from as early as 1881, although they do say they have much earlier in some cases. It appears to be pretty current as well, although most of the ones I've needed were pre-1940's. After you put a name in the search box it comes up with a list for you. It gives the name of the individual, name of paper, date of publication (including page number) and very clearly states, obituary, death notice, probate notice or whatever.

They do offer a service so that you can request the obits and have them mailed to you - this of course comes with a fee. For those who can not get there, the fee really is not bad. I did call them & when I go there in a few weeks, I can use my flash/thumb drive to download the obits instead of printing! Does it get any better than this?

Needless to say I put it all to good use, and so far I've come up with a total of 47 obits that I have found on their index. Now if I could just find a way to leave a few weeks sooner... oh Mark.....

Happy Researching!

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