10 May 2010

Three R's...

Bet you've seen that before - the three R's... you know what they are... review, review, review...
Yep you are seeing that correctly! Its all about review.

With my sweet husband moving the date of departure forward a few days we are now in review stage. I've written before about reviewing your files - but for now this comes down to reviewing the prep I've done for this trip.
  • Decided on what counties in Pennsylvania I want to focus on
  • Determined which lines I want to focus on
  • Researched which libraries & archives I want to visit
  • Determined what work needed to be done on our Ohio days
  • Put together an extensive obituary search list for Ohio
  • Assembled my research notebook

Now its time to focus on my briefcase and making sure I have everything in there I need. There's nothing worse than getting to the library or archives & discovering they only take change or a copy card. So today's focus will be my briefcase.

I'm going to try & blog as I do this research trip but as with all plans sometimes it just doesn't happen. So if I go a few days without blogging you'll understand!

Happy Researching!



Becky Higgins said...

Have a great trip, Karen. Hope yours is are fruitful as my short trip to Erie was! Just a little suggestion: be sure to call the libraries/archives/museums before you go to be sure they will be open on the days you plan to be there. Websites aren't always updated was they should be:)

Karen said...

Thanks Becky! I did speak with both of the Archives - I had some things I wanted to clarify - laptop use and hours - appreciate the reminder though. Take care & happy researching!

Barbara said...

Hi, nice to read a few of your posts. Carol pointed me in your direction and I was impressed with your research binders. Used to be super organized, but not now. You have a nice blog.

Karen said...

Thanks Barbara! Glad you stopped by. I appreciate the kind words - always nice to hear something good about your work! I don't know that I am super organized, although I do try!
Hope you stick around and read some more - you just never know what I'll come up with next!

GrannyPam said...

Karen, I wish us both luck, karma, and great finds. How interesting we are going at the same time! I leave for New York/Vermont/Massachusetts Saturday morning. Happy researching!

Karen said...

Much luck & success to you as well Pam! Here's hoping we did enough "homework" to be prepared so we can locate the materials we need. The research notebook is ready, the obit list is ready for the weekend in Medina Co., Ohio - camera is charged and tucked in its bag, briefcase holds all my other supplies - now if the clock would just cooperate!
Safe travels & happy researching to you as well!